Calibration issue

This isn’t my first rodeo - I’ve had an old sous vide system for years and decided to buy the Anova Precision Cooker after seeing it at CES.  On my first use, I found that the temp was off by 30 degrees from what was being displayed.  I ruined 2 grassfed strip steaks after cooking them for 2 hours at about 100 degrees F - afraid to eat them or heat to higher temp due to bacterial concerns.  Has anyone else seen this issue?  I understand being off by a few degrees, but the support chat asked if I had calibrated the cooker.  Thought that was a bit odd, since this was the first time I’d used it.  Can you set the calibration offset to 30 degrees?  I can’t check unless I unpack the unit and set it up, so thought I’d check.  I should probably send it back, but I was told to calibrate it first.

+/- 10 degrees is all that you can adjust by with the calibration utility in the app. Also, calibration is not saved to the unit, it only kicks in when you are connected to the unit via BT or Wi-Fi, so if you run without the app, you have to manually compensate the temp via the dial. 

I’m not aware of a way to calibrate the unit from the front face nor save the calibration adjustment.

I do recall reading in the archives here that there were some bad batches of units (manufacturing issues) that caused them to have issues like yours, 30 something degrees off and that Anova asked for people to send them in for replacement / bench calibration. This was like a year or so ago though.

Not sure what that person in support was thinking (methinks they need more training).  Definitely sounds like a dud.  Give them a call and ask for a replacement unit (I wouldn’t be trusting that one at all!).