Can I set the time and temp without using the few recipes that are on the app?

Can I just set the time and temp on my phone, without using one of the few recipes that are on the app? Now, I have to look for some recipe that uses the same temp that I want to cook my food at, then see if there’s one that uses close to the same time that I need. That doesn’t work very often so I set the temp and the alarm on my phone to alert me that the cooking is done.
I watced a video on setting the time and temp directly on the cooker. Looked easy enough. However, after the temp was set, the timer symbol never appeared, so I couldn’t set the time.Back to the alarm on my phone!
I can’t say that I’m impressed with Anova app. The home page says 1,000+ recipes…I can’t find them.

Uca, the timer symbol is there. Go back through the directions, they need to be precisely followed. Most users just use their phone’s timer function.

In my opinion you’ll do better setting your own temperatures to get your desired results, not someone else’s.

Yes, you can set the time and temp through the app without having to use one of the recipes. That’s my preferred method actually. Once the app has connected to the cooker just touch the bar at the bottom of the screen which will show you the current settings and allow you to change them. I think you need to touch the image of the cooker’s display to get the manual entry fields (I’m typing this from memory). Good luck!

I must admit that I use the app less and less as I become more and more familiar with sous vide processing. One of the biggest pluses that Anova has in its favour is the ability to set temperatures manually. The timer function, either manually or via the app, is pretty useless. Time isn’t a critical factor in most sous vide cooking. If it is, use a standalone timer or the one on your phone.