Can not connect to WiFi

This is my third a PC. My first was replaced because we thought the Wi-Fi chip was bad. This was not the case, The issue is the APC does not like Apple’s Airport Wi-Fi routers. This was discovered after I had reconfigured my airport network multiple times to meet the specs required by the APC. I have since added a Linksys router that is only running a 2.4 GHz network with WPA2 encryption. This network is only for devices that cannot talk to an Airport, so far it is just three items. When I go to set up my APC, I plug it in to the same outlet as my router, and it sits less then a foot away from it. The APC times out during WiFi set up. No other device has had this issue. I have sent multiple WiFi scans in and opened multiple tickets on this issue with out a solution, any help would be appreciated.

The best hope is that a rep from Anova sees this post and chases up your support tickets. It might help if you list the ticket numbers here.