Can't connect to Wi-Fi and Wi-Fi connectivity scan fails

I cannot connect my Anova to Wi-Fi
The Wi-Fi connectivity scan also fails. All I get is “Scanning…” at the bottom of the screen on the app
Even after 30 minutes!

I have asked my networking guy to ensure that I am only on a 2.4GHz WI-FI and WPA/WPA2 network
He assures me I am

I have reset my router and mobile by powering off / on

How should I resolve this?

Contacting support is probably the best option.

I am also having the same issue. Here is what I have learned
Your WIFI name can not have spaces. I would also remove special charactors.
Wifi name has to be between 8 and 10 characters - no special characters.

I am having the same issue.
I just “upgraded” to the Pro model. I had the Previous model and it worked perfectly. … This one isn’t doing anything but stuck after 45mins on one screen with a code on it, stuck in Celsius mode. What is going on?

I have deleted the app/installed the app.
I have plugged in the Anova/Unplugged the Anova

Nothing is working.
Believe me, I am NOT a happy camper right now.

I had steaks I had to do today and had to figure out Celsius to Fahrenheit and to it manually, but that wasn’t what I bought this for.

If they don’t fix it, I am getting the PolyScience model.

Same issue here. Anova Pro, refuses to connect. Touch interface is buggy. Anova dropped the ball here. Connecting to wifi is NOT something that a device should struggle with in 2020.

Just got my new Anova and same issue. Can’t connect to the Anova. It just sits there connecting eventhough I’m right next to it. The phone is picking up the Anovas hotspot, but the app is doing absolutely nothing.

Extremely disappointed.