Can't test out the Bluetooth app

One of the main reasons I bought the Precision Cooker (instead of a different model or brand) was the app. If it works it will make control of the unit a snap. The current controls are crappy IMO.for example, why isn’t the timer a default on the screen? Right now I could still return the unit since I am within 30 days. The app probably won’t be out until well after the 30 day window. What if it doesn’t work well? When I ordered it I was under the impression that there was a fully functional app…that’s what the videos implied on the Anova web site! So far the unit works well, I just don’t like the controls at all.

…and I have an iPhone. Those of you with an Android…

There’s a third party app for a couple of bucks, that might solve your UI issues or at least give you an idea of what to expect in terms of capability. They’ve delayed the app so that they can get units out to everyone quicker, or something like that. It was in one of the recent updates I think.

@rbh1515‌ we’ll be releasing the app at the beginning of January.