Complete set weight of Anova Precision Cooker (2014)

I need to forward another unit of Anova Precision Cooker (2014) and have to inform the forwarder the dimension and weight. I only have the unit and outer box of my current unit so I’m not sure about the weight of the inner plastic holder and other stuff. If someone still has a complete set of such unit, could you please provide the weight? Thanks.

Heh…you’ve heard of Google, right? :slight_smile:


Shipping weight: 1.4kg.

You also didn’t specify whether you were looking at the 110v or 220v units (may make a difference).

And, no, don’t worry about that being a 2016 unit…the differences in manufacturing between the original bluetooth and the wifi+bluetooth units preceding the latest version are minimal.

Thanks for the search result. Mine is the 220v unit (EU). I don’t think the weight is accurate for the complete set though because what I have (the unit + the outer box) exceeds 1.9kg already.

Heh…then you could have easily gone to Amazon in the UK to get the info. :slight_smile:

Shipping Weight: 2.2kg

(am a little surprised that the 220v unit is 300g heavier) :slight_smile: