Connection Done, but Not Showing Cooker in App


I am connecting my app to an ANOVA Wifi cooker. This is a 2.4 GHz connection. There are no spaces in the SSID or the PW. The 5 GHz wifi network is named with a different SSID. My app version is 3.3.9. I am running Android Version 12.

I go through the Connect process in the app and have no trouble going through the steps. It detects the cooker, I choose the wifi network, I enter my PW, the cooker beeps 3 times and the app displays “Connected Your Anova is connected and ready to use!” I click the Done button. My profile then shows in the app, but there is no info from the cooker. If I try to tap “Cook this Recipe” it doesn’t do anything. Trying to connect the cooker from within the settings under my profile leads to the same results. The app states the connection is successful, but after I click the Done button, it looks like nothing is connected.

Do the 3 beeps from the ANOVA mean anything?

Thanks for any help you can give. BTW, I have been having a great time cooking manually. Sous vide is really a fantastic cooking method to add to the repertoire. Any help you can offer for using this app will make it even better.



Hey JM.

Something seems amiss for sure. Tech support can get you fixed up. Contact and we can assist!