Cooker broke on third use. Vulnerable to STEAM!!!!!

After two successful low temperature cooks (around 55C) I tried sous vide carrots, using Anova’s own recipe. Bad idea. After half an hour at 84 degrees (a bit steamy) Anova started beeping constantly, and then the temperature gauge went totally haywire and it stopped working. Reading -21.9 degrees, than 0.0 degrees, no difference from switching it off and on repeatedly, leaving it switched off to cool down and reset, running under cold water, switching for fresh cool water. Unusable, and very possibly dangerous. A large container of very hot water being measured as cool.

Some quick internet research reveals that these units are vulnerable to, of all things, STEAM. For a device whose sole job is to sit in hot water and to heat water up, this could be seen as a massive and inexcusable fail.

I bought this through Amazon UK and I’ll be returning it, no question. I also bought one for my brother for Christmas, so it will be doubly annoying (not to mention embarrassing) if his goes the same way.

Unbelievable. Anova - what have you to say about this known fault with your product?

Same problem …

Ahhhh, I do recommend contacting Your unit should still work properly, even with cooking at higher temperatures for foods like carrots, or in my case, I do cook up a lot of tofu for 4+ hours. Really bummed you’re experiencing issues with your cooker! :frowning: Support will help bring your cooker back to good health.

That’s my observation, if the cooking temperature is high for prolonged periods, eg, anything beyond 80°C , it’s best not to use those SV cutout covers, as the steam has no way to escape out other than thru the narrow cutout which is just next to the cooker itself.

This was with the Anova attached with its clamp to the side of an open container in a large room, so steam was not being funnelled past the intake at all.

Anyway, I’ve returned the unit to Amazon. I may buy another (amazing steak!) but sadly probably not Anova.

If my brother has a similar experience with his I will contact Anova Support, thanks Alyssa. Hopefully will not be necessary :-/ I bought his one direct from you. What is your UK warranty?

The warranty for the UK is two years.