Cooker Issues (Wifi Model) - New software failures. iOS

Just got the new software to fix the previous wifi issues, now I have a new bug. If Bluetooth is off (I don’t normally use it for anything) the software will complain about bluetooth being off, then attempt to re-pair the unit to my phone. 

What the hell is going on with you guys over there? Can’t you design a decent piece of basic software? Come on!

That does not sound great. Fortunately I always have BT on as I also have an AppleWatch. Does the software work reliably when BT is on (i.e. have they fixed the WiFi / temperature issues)?

I haven’t had any problem with Bluetooth. When I got the new app it asked me to turn it on and then it did the WiFi connect thing. Since then I have had Bluetooth off and I have changed the set point once and checked the temperature several times.

So far no uncontrolled temperature change for the last 43ish hours.