Current Temperature Reads 0.0 degrees

My Anova precision cooker has been used about 10 times. About 3 weeks ago when I turned it on the current temperature would fluctuate up and down, but then sorted itself out after unplugging it a few times. Now the current temp is stuck on 0.0 not matter what I do. When I push the circulation button it circulates the water so that’s still working. I emailed support and they told me to clean it. It does not need cleaning. We have soft water here and the element inside looks just the same (shiny steel) as it did when first purchased. Support takes a long time to reply. So, has anyone else had this problem and is there a fix for it?
Thanks if you can help.

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I’m afraid support is your only option. They’re unlikely to be in the office until Monday.

Problema identico, come hai risolto?grazie