Current temperautre of Anova Precision Cooker Pro stucked at 29 degrees

I just bought the precision cooker pro last year through Amazon and excited to use it. Plugged it in and use it for the first time and everything seemed fine…but after I used it for the second time I set the desired temp for 65 degrees and pressed play and could the motor start running. However, the problem was the current temp is stuck at 29 degrees for like half an hour and hasn’t moved at all. the water is also not warmer at all. Moreover, I attempted to use Wifi but I also couldn’t connect to the APC, it just showed that unconnect with APC, anyone else faced with those issues?

Hi Dustin, there are many Community posts here sharing common operating problems similar to yours.

You should contact the SUPPORT link above for assistance or warranty action from the Anova people.

This is a mutual assistance forum of users.

hi Chatnoir, i sent email for Support link, and now I’m waiting for them to answer, however i just wanted to ask because I’m living asian, and i bought APC through Amazon. will it have any trouble for me to exchange the new now or they can help me to fix it? because i just could use it 1 the first time.

Dustin, i don’t know. I have never had a problem with my Anova circulator so i have no experience with a problem like yours.

Some of the factors that concern me about your situation would be how long has it been since you bought it from Amazon and did you receive a warranty when you bought it? And if under warranty, for how long and how do you make a claim?

Appliances usually fail within the first 30 days of use if they are going to fail at all within their normal lifetime. That’s why buying an extended warranty is generally a waste of money.

I always test my new purchases as soon as possible after buying them. I put them through a period of typical use to discover if they match performance claims. Items with sensitive electronics deserve extra scrutiny as quality controls don’t appear to be what they used to be, particularly where heat and moisture might harm them.

Be persistent, and may you have success resolving this matter.

I do also believe Anova changed that their standard warranty is now two years on all immersion circulators, so you should still be eligible for a warranty replacement if your unit is defective, if less time has passed since purchase.

I was bad and shocked when I realized that I bought the incorrect voltage unit for the international user, and i also used an international traveling adapter when i operate the unit. I just an international student that studying in Malaysia,I didn’t understand and very poor sense about electricity here and also the correct voltage unit.
the Anova also answered me, however, they said that they did not have the option to exchange my US model unit for the international model. i was shocked second times, i also do not know if they offer and Warranty for every unit but why did not they help me to fix or give me some somethings that i could get the unit working again.

I know that it was my bad to buy the incorrect unit and it also unlucky for me to get it, I bought it for my studies and i just got only 1 chance to test it. now i also don’t know what should i use it for the unit because it still operates but the temperature not working.

It’s an awful lesson to learn, but almost all manufacturers tell you that using their appliances with voltage converters can void your warranty.
Travel adapters are really to only be used for minor appliances (hair dryers, electric tooth brushes, shavers, charging your phone or laptop - those are protected by they batteries to any dirty power / surges). While travelling. They are NOT a permanent solution to a problem - and are very prone to failure.

I would recommend selling your unit online as is. Be honest about the condition of it. Whatever you get from the sale, you can put towards a sous vide appliance that has the appropriate power requirements for where you live. There are a lot of electronics tinkerers out there that may be interested in purchasing it to repair it. (if you have a friend that’s so inclined, possibly they could take a look at it - but you also run the gamble that if they make a mistake, they could damage it further).

Whoops…I just had another thought. It’s also possible that the adapter has already suffered a malfunction…it may actually not providing the APC with sufficient power for the heating element to kick in. Just enough for the basic functionality of the electronics and circulation. You should find a good, reliable 110V power supply somewhere and test to see if the unit works properly. (Vietnam comes to mind) :slight_smile: