Customer support… or lack thereof! How about some response

Love the product(oven). But am unable to use a large part of its abilities due to the fact I have no temp probe. The plug was broken during packaging and is not usable.

An hour after opening the unit I sent an email about this and got a response that one will be sent to me as replacement.

10 days go by nothing. I send another email and said they are waiting for a shipment and will send. Well after many phone calls(one answered) and messages I still have nothing.
I was promised a call by a supervisor. Nothing.

What’s the point of so called service if you can’t talk to anyone or nothing gets done?
And why am I waiting on a probe when you are still selling and shipping out units?
Open one up and send the probe to a customer that has already paid! Or am I to buy another unit, open it up, remove the probe and send it back?

I have many products from the company. They work great but I would warn others about the service tied to these products

Gotwqqd, you have experienced one of the most common challenges of buying Chinese-made equipment, - systemic indifference to quality, or even life, and that’s putting them out of business.

It’s good to see we are finally starting to be able to buy Made in America again.