Dead impeller

Has anyone else had a problem with the impeller on the Precision Cooker?

Mine died after approx 8 hours on the first use.

The unit powers up, but due to the dead impeller and thus no circulation, the temperature fluctuates rapidly over a 2-3 dgree celcius range, and beeps incessantly as it keeps reaching the target temperature before flying off again.

I would suggest contacting

There have been a couple of issues like this before. If it did not work at all I would suggest checking that it did not get pushed over to one side impeding its ability to spin. I have heard a couple of clicking issues that were traced to this.


Thanks for the reply.

The unit was working perfectly for 8-9 hours, sitting at 60 degrees celcius without any deviation.

I switched the unit off at the wall socket for five minutes to use another appliance, and when I powered the Anova back up, the impeller did not spin. I hadn’t touched anything between power down / up.

I have contacted support - so far no joy.

I am sure they will get you back cooking in short order.

you could also check that the screw holding the impeller into the shaft has not come lose. That happened with mine, luckily it’s a simple fix.

I checked the screw - tight. I’m pretty sure it is related to the power off/on.

I’ve uploaded a couple of videos to show the problem and

The first is the impeller wth the housing off, showing the free-moving impeller. The second shows the unit in use, with the temperature hunting behaviour, and at the end shows the impeller which is stationary. 

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