Did I just fry my cooker?

I have used the Anova Precision three times now…no problems at all and things tasted great.  I cooked some burgers at 143 degrees tonight for an hour and then decided to not just waste the water and bumped it up to 165 to try and boil eggs.  The cooker kept circulating but the temp never climbed and slowly decreased as it cooled.  It cooked the burgers great and maintained the temp exactly but started to act up when I tried to raise the temperature.

Do I have to add boiling water to get it to temp?  I haven’t had to previously. Maybe the unit is taxed and needs to cool down?  Any advice is welcome.  I have vacuum sealed pork chops ready to cook for dinner guests tomorrow and don’t know if it will be with my new Anova or not…

Somethings you have not told the group. What was your water temp when you changed the unit to 165 deg. #2 how big  (qt / gal.) is the vessel you are using for your water?

The water temp was at 143 and I rolled the gauge up to 165.  It’s a seven quart cast iron casserole pot.  The previous time the temp slowly climbed once I turned the unit on.

I just tried it again.  Put in hot water, hooked up the Anova and it showed a temp of 131.  I started it, it circulated the water, and the temp slowly ticked down as it cooled.  The heating element is non-functional.  

Sucks…I’ve used it three times and had dinner plans for it tonight.  I chatted with a rep and they are going to replace it; just kind of crummy to have it peter out that fast.

Yes,  now it makes sense. Its good that the rep is on top of it.