Do you have a name for your APC?

I think my Anova Precision Cooker is deserving of a name. Suggestions appreciated (I like funny ones - random fact about me: I named my cat Mustard).

Does anyone name theirs?

My Anova WiFi Precision Cooker is DEVIOUS, and My Sous Vide MY101 is called THEREMINS. Looking at those, I’m sure most are mystified. Hint number one is that I like anagrams. Hint number two is that my MY101 is -3º F from where it says on the display.

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Mine is simply ‘The Magic Cooking Stick.’

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I remember saying that! Perfect name, tbh.

Ohhhh devious!

I called mine a name once when I found out that it didn’t start back up after a brief power outage during a cook of a 12 lb pork shoulder. I probably shouldn’t repeat it here though.

Damn lol. @DParker

I’ve done that one, too. Only an 8-year-old repeated it. Now, I say them inwardly.

I tend not to anthropomorphize objects I own. It is interesting why some people do and others do not.

I call my Roomba “Buddy” cos it has the power to move and I need to apologise when I get in its way when it’s just doing its job - “Sorry, Buddy”
I don’t have names for inanimate objects

I’ve tripped over my Roombas a couple of times. Then I say some names.

Yeah, I don’t have a name for my APC. But I think it’s super interesting that others do. Actually, now that I think of it, I don’t have a name for any items I own.

For me, it’s the wall. Stubbing my toes against the wall is a common one for me.

Sorry to say I’m a troll lurking here with a Joule PC. I’ve named mine Sue but only because I needed to name it something for the App.

Lurkers allowed (even Joule lurkers)! :wink:

Thanks, we’re about evenly split in the office between Anova and Joule (several of each). I live in an RV and needed the smaller one.

I debated with myself long and hard between the Anova and the Joule. I love Gordon Crilly’s Chefsteps videos on YouTube. I use the Joule app often to get ideas and recipes in addition to the Anova app. The precision cookers from both companies are both excellent at what they do. The deciding factor for me was the lack of controls on the device itself. There are going to be times that I start the cook but someone else will turn it off and vice versa. I even have a second precision cooker from a company called MySousVide (the MY101) which was only $29 on Amazon when I bought it. I use it when my Anova is in use and I need a second device.

A lot of things in my house seem to have names. I’m a gadget person. I have my Alexa, Google Home, and of course, Siri. One night, I was sitting on the couch and told Alexa to start cooking at 133º F. She recommended that I watch the movie, “Her”.

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Annie McAnnieface…