Email support/ chat function

Hi guys,

I’m new to the forum and to Anova and not sure where exactly to put my question so I decided to use this section. I ordered a precision cooker wifi yesterday and went through a somewhat confusing ordering process which in the end led me to PayPal and I paid the amount popping up. Everything seemed ok and PayPal send me their email telling me I paid $x to Anovaculinary. I didn’t receive any email from Anovaculinary confirming my purchase which I was hoping for because normally such confirmation gives me the order number and details which I can use to track my purchase. I’m living in the Netherlands, you ship from the Netherlands so I figured it shouldn’t even take a week.
As mentioned, I didn’t get a purchase confirmation but now everytime I open my mailbox, AVG security warns me about an incoming connection request and besides ordering Anovaculinary I didn’t visit any other sites. I figured, maybe you are repeatedly trying to send the purchase confirmation email which gets blocked because of some strange code in it.

As I didn’t get this confirmation email, I send a question through your support page. Like immediately I received an email in my inbox stating : thank you blabla bla Your request (183374) has blablabla. So emails do get through and directly in my inbox. As I didn’t receive an answer yet which I figured due to the different time zones should have gotten to me by now even though it is still another 1 1/2 hour before the 24hours are up (I admit: lack of patience…), I registered with the community. The confirmation email ended up in my spam box, surprisingly as the receipt of my support question didn’t.

Having heard/read some of the mishaps with your site and emails in the past I though raising the question through the support community might be a quicker way to get a response. Actually, I wanted to chat with you guys as both my receipt email and various pages on your site refer to a chat button/function “at the bottom” which function I haven’t been able to find sofar. Either it’s no longer there or I’m turning blind.

Love to hear from you.



the chat function is back after disabling my firewall. Hence it was there and I’m not turning blind.

Hi Igor,

Hope you are well. I would love to help you out!

I’m glad the chat function is working again for you. In regards to your question, sometimes the confirmation emails go directly into the spam or “promotion” tabs if you have gmail. So, even though I’m sure you have, I would double check it didn’t accidentally end up in there.

Please send me a direct message with the email you used to order so I can look into what happened if you do not find or get a confirmation email in the next day. It is very strange that you didn’t, and I hope I can help you figure this out!