Erratic Beeping and Flashing Bluetooth

Tried to do a 24hour short rib at 85C and around 13hours in the problem started. Since then anytime I plug in the circulator the problem repeats within a few minutes even at low temperatures. Has this happened to anyone else? Any solutions/ideas would be really appreciated. Thanks.

Went back again and the temperature choosing is completely out of whack.

I received my precision cookers two days ago. 30 minutes into sous vide cooking some carrots I had a similar problem.
I first thought it may have been steam on the interface (i had that problem with the touch-interface of an induction cooking stove), yet after I let it dry, it still kept on doing this.

So I am not sure what happened

I’m experincing the same problem as you Seren. I was trying the same 24h short ribs and than this issue appeared. Did you found any solution???

Same thing happened to me as of yesterday. Does the support team read this?

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I cleaned it using a mild vinegar bath to 140f as recommended, just tried it today and it no longer switches to Centigrade, the Bluetooth logo keeps flashing but will not pair up as it used to and most worrying of all when I pressed to start the machine it kept pulsing and repeatedly beeping until it settled down. It is only a couple of weeks old.

Please email support - they’ll straighten this out for you!