ERROR message on Anova One after a couple of minutes of operation

I’ve had my Anova One for a bit over a month now, and recently I’ve been getting an error that make my device completely unusable.

I get a generic “Error” on-screen, typically within 5-10 minutes of the unit being on initially, and then after the first Error, I receive it again within 1 minute after unplugging and re-plugging in the device. It will beep once or twice with no errors before beeping a final time, shutting off the heating element and impeller, and displaying “System: Error” on screen with no further info.

Does anyone know of a possible permanent fix? What a terrible Sous Vide experience… Should I initiate a return for an exchange? It was a gift and not sure I can return myself, so I’m thinking of authoring a blog post to share my experience with potential new buyers given the number of times this same issue is referenced on the user community site and the seemingly lack of response from support… (I just sent in a support request yesterday and hope to hear something soon).

@SousMeade Oh no! We’re so sorry to hear that you’re experiencing issues with your device! Have you tried giving the unit a good cleaning? There could be scale buildup on the sensors which can be helped by cleaning the unit with ZEP Calcium Lime Rust Remover or Lime Away. If that is not the case, try insulating the container because at higher temperatures, steam may hit the interface and cause issues.

If these aren’t able to help resolve the situation, we may need to send you a replacement unit. To do so, you’ll need to submit a request here:

I hope this helps, please let me know if you have any other questions - thank you!

Thank you, @JordanHouston!

This was my second use of the device, so I can’t imagine and hope no buildup requires cleaning at this point.

My setup is to use the 12 quart Cambro with an exact cut out of the anova one in its plastic lid. My initial cook (48 hours) worked without error. Also, my encountering errors persists when I take the lid off. With the lid on, it should be protecting steam from reaching the interface.

I requested a return label and will ship back, but already trashed the box if you have any guidance on any shipping criteria?

Thanks, again!

@SousMeade Ahh, yes, buildup wouldn’t be the cause at this point, a return is probably best at this point. Don’t worry about the original packaging, you can send it in any box you have available and wrap it in something like bubble wrap so it’s nice and safe :slight_smile: