"FILL" in temperature display on Pro

Does anyone know what it means when the message FILL flashes along with the target temperature on the Pro?

There is a dedicated section for the Pro in support docs: Anova Pro Support, but it doesn’t seem to contain any different information to the others.

‘Fill’ would seem like a low water indicator to me, but that is only a guess as I don’t have a Pro.

It says Lo and won’t heat/pump when low on water. Everything works when it says FILL - that’s what perplexes me…

You may need to email support and ask them.

I did some more testing. Turns out it is related to low water after all. I usually go up to about 1/2 inch above min line. I need to go 1 in above the min line to get FILL to disappear. So it is like an early warning indicator.

Thanks for the suggestion.

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Glad you solved it.