FILL indicator

What does “FILL” mean in the Target Temp display on the PRO model. The water level is above the min mark and everything else seems to work, just no heat.

Hi ya @donnahard Welcome. I’m not ANOVA staff.

How far above MIN is your water level? Perhaps it needs to be just a bit fuller, like almost to the MAX line - but not over. FILL being a verb imperative.

What vessel are you using?
How far up above minimum is it?

(for instance hanging it over a pot via the clamp will immerse it typically further into water than clamping it onto a big old cooler, if you have gone for a big vessel cook)

Try immersing it to just below the max line (ie max line above the water line) does that make a difference?

What is your heating temp setting (you are aiming for) in this instance?
Context when internet trouble shooting is always good

I have the same error, and i don’t know what can i do.

No update from anyone of the querying posters?
Folks did you contact customer service in the end?

Notting from ANOVA support.

But did you actually CONTACT them, or simply post here??
here is not a “catch all” you still need to use the message box & initiate a response.