Have you had this issue?

I set up my Pro connected to my network, set cook time and temperature. The target temperature started alternating with FILL. Water levels are between max and min. Other than that the unit works as it should. I am just courteous if anyone has has this issue

It needs more water. If it is fluctuating saying “fill” it is trying to circulate air pockets. You water level should be high enough to read “Max” when your food is in there cooking. Without the food in there it should be closer to “Max” than “Min”.

Thank you for your reply. The problem only presented itself after I connected to my WiFi. I contacted Anove customer service, they did replace the unit thinking it was a firmware problem. I have not connected to my WiFi and the problem has not returned.
I also have a Nano no problem with that one. Only the Pro. I will not connect the Pro to my WiFi seems more trouble than its worth.
Thank you for your time.