Fixing faulty power cord on Precision Cooker 220V

I’ve recently received a 220V version of Precision Cooker which acted very strangely. Sometimes it wouldn’t turn on at all, sometime would shut off in the middle of the cooking process, sometimes would just restart.

After extensive troubleshooting I’ve figured that the power cord is faulty, or more precisely, the connection to the Anova itself. If I squeeze the part where power cord enters the Anova cooker, device turns on. If I wiggle it during normal operation it shuts off/restarts.

Returning the device isn’t an option due to high shipping (re)import costs, so I have to figure out how to fix this myself. I assume that the problem is trivial, and once I get the unit open, I should see if the PCB connection needs re-soldering or replacement of connector, but my question is - how do you get this thing open without breaking something? I see that once the metal bottom part is removed, there is one screw holding the heating elements, but I assume that the top held somehow differently, maybe even glued? Could anyone shed some light on this one, or should I just try to pry it open and hope for the best?

Hi @dvukovic - So sorry to hear this, we'd be happy to help. Have you tried replacing the fuse? I believe there is an extra that should have been included with your device. Also, have you spoken to our customer support team? If not, could you send a message to

Thank you!

Was there any solution to this problem. My wife gifted this maybe 2 years ago. Ive only used it a handful of times. It is now out of warranty. It only works if i push the cord in at a certain angle. Help please.