French dip from a round roast

I have a 2 lb round beef roast which I’d like to do medium rare for french dip sandwiches .
Nearly all the recipes are for steak or brisket.
Any ideas on the above
Thank you

I did a bottom round around 2.5 lbs at 131 F for 17 hrs and it turned out perfect. Let it rest and seared it in a cast iron skillet. Sliced thin for B-more pit beef (style) sandwiches.

Just did the same recently.

Remember your food safety. If your roast is more than 2 inches thick you may want to cut it down into smaller units.

I did a pre-sear, cooked at 131F for 30 hours (herbs and spices, no salt) and then cold shocked it when it was finished. You can sear again or use the torch but I find if it’s going into a French Dip it’s not necessary.

Cold meat on a slicer, thin cuts, and bring it back to heat in the au jus.

I’ll break a roast down into 2 or 3 sections, bag them separately, then freeze the unused pouches until that French Dip craving comes back. It’s all about batch cooking.

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