Has anyone been able to reconnect their WiFi + BT Anova since the 2.9.x app update?

When it works, I love our Anova WiFi + BT. When it works. The new 2.9.x series update which forces the new login system has broken my originally perfectly setup and working Wifi. I’ve followed the support guide on fully resetting the Anova as well. I even went through the trouble of setting up a 2.4ghz Wifi only network just for the Anova and parked our Anova about 0.5m from the Wifi Router itself. I deleted the app multiple times, hit the little Wifi button on the face of the device and it beeps, but still nothing.

I resigned myself after lots of frustration to just use Bluetooth, but once I stepped away from the Anova it now won’t re-connect again. Is there some kind of factory reset I can do? Any firmware updates? Should I just find an alternate product at this point? I’m going to follow up with support shortly via email to see if they have any answers.

(you didn’t say which platform you’re using).

Me, I’m running 2.9.6 on iOS and just did the wifi pairing (hadn’t done it before, but that was also on a different ISP WAP - this one’s supposed to have a stronger Wifi radio, so it seemed to join it pretty easily).

Funny, I thought the indicator was supposed to turn white when the APC was using wifi, rather than blue for bluetooth? shrug

Anywho - if you’re also running an Apple product, I’m running the latest iOS (12.2 beta 2) - I’m sure the latest public release 12.1.4 would be fine as well.

Where the APC can get confused is if your 5GHz and 2.4GHz networks have the same SSID - your phone will likely prefer the 5GHz network (as 802.11AC is faster) - but your phone has to be on the SAME wifi network for the initial setup (after that it doesn’t matter - the initial setup is just to pass the wifi network into the APC’s memory…afterword the APC will use that network connection and your phone will use whatever network connection that it has to the internet (cellular or wifi) to get to Anova’s cloud - which it uses to communicate with your APC).

Had to reconnect on Android, but all working fine now.