Heat error

First time using the Precision Cooker with Bluetooth. I cook the pork rib so I set the temperature at 65 c for 8 hrs. After 1 hour it beep and it said "Heat error contact the support " on my mobile. On its screen had - 10 and then blink with mix number changing. What should I do? Please advise. Thanks.

Well, you could have contacted support. :slight_smile:

A very common occurrence is that people aren’t careful with the placement of the Precision Cooker when they’re using an open bath. See those vents behind the top of the “head” of the unit? That’s where the electronics are housed. You need to ensure that steam doesn’t get in there or it can overheat the unit.
In that circumstance, you let the unit cool down and see if it returns to normal operation.

(btw - for long cooks, you really should be using a covered vessel if you’re not already).

Hmm…you didn’t do anything silly like wrap the Precision Cooker in a towel, did you? (we saw someone do that once) - it has vents - it needs to breath - blocking any of the vents can have the unit overheat.

Lastly, you could unfortunately have a defective unit. If the scenario I’ve suggested isn’t applicable, then that’s likely the case. E-mail support@anovaculinary.com and they’ll make sure that you get your issues resolved.


Thank you very much for you help. I cover the tank with aluminum foil and pretty sure no steam in the head of it. No… No. I didn’t wrap it with towel or do any silly things with it :slight_smile: I switched it off at the moment. Hope it will return to normal operation. If I am unlucky enough to have a defective unit, I might have to buy a new one. Coz I live in Thailand where the shipping will cost me the same amount of buying a new one.

Wow! I know ANova has at least one AsiaPac distribution centre…the shipping certainly shouldn’t cost that much! (if they’re asking you to pay for shipping at all that is).

This is your first cook - if no steam got into the head of the unit, then it’s likely defective. If you bought it in a store, you should return it to the store for an exchange (presuming you’re in their returns period). If bought online from ANova or outside of a retail return period, then you need to contact support.

@AlyssaWOAH - maybe you could make sure support helps Guzzie out with a replacement unit without costing them an arm or a leg? :slight_smile:

I got it as a gift from a friend in the States but have never had a chance to play with it. If it couldn’t work after I cool it down, I will write to the support team this coming Monday… Thank you again :slight_smile:

I’m SO sorry I missed this! :frowning:

Have you already reached out to support regarding this issue? Would love to know the outcome of this. Again, sorry about my delayed response. Going back to old posts and I guess this fell between the cracks!