Heater error message

3 days ago I received a new 800 watt bluetooth model (the seller told me new but I think I was scammed), when I wanted to use it for the first time, it starts working and after 5 seconds it turns off with 3 beeps.

Looking for some solution, I managed to connect by bluetooh through another application and I got that it is throwing this error message “Heater Error”

Does anyone know how to solve this? Unfortunately sending it to the support is not an option I live in another country, so paying for the round trip shipping is more expensive than buying a new one.

Thank you very much

Just to make sure that there isn’t hard water scale buildup causing the problem, remove the skirt from the lower part of the APC. The stainless steel cylinder twists off, so you can clean the temperature probes, heating element and impeller. (be extra careful of that last one - it has a very thin shaft that is prone to bending).
When you inspect the components inside, they should be bare metal. If there’s a white-ish coating on them, that’s hard water scale. If it doesn’t rinse off with a blast from your kitchen faucet, then you want to soak it in a vinegar / water solution until it’s absorbed.

If there is no hard water scaling, was the water level between the min and max lines on the skirt?

Barring those two, I’d say, yes, this unscrupulous individual appears to have sold you their defective unit. I hope you used something like PayPal to protect yourself? Barring that, I would contact your local police - if you have any contact information for the individual (having a text conversation on your phone would be valuable for example) would help in tracking them down. I wouldn’t recommend letting the seller know in advance that you’re doing this. :slight_smile:

When buying anything second-hand (eBay, Craigslist, Kijiji, etc) - you really need to be cagey, unfortunately. I wouldn’t buy anything from anyone unless I had real contact information for them (at least a cell number). And paying with PayPal gives you an out if they scammed you. (e-transfers may as well - check with your Bank if they offer buyer protection, that you can reverse an e-transfer if a seller has defrauded you of your money).

Don’t beat yourself up too much…most of us get taken at some point…lessons we all have to learn.

thanks @fischersd for the reply!!

No, it is not a water problem, test at the Max, Min and medium level. The overall appearance of the APC is as if it were new, with no appearance of use. This is a video of what the failure looks like: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VfNfYm-jolY

The purchase was through ebay, knowing the reputations of many sellers, I verified that it had many positive ratings and that it was a real store and not a simple internet seller, but I no longer know if it was a scam and he knew it was defective or not. I’m not going to get much with the seller, so I have to try to fix it somehow.

Now that I know the type of error it indicates, I hope that the Anova support will sympathize and give me some help on whether I have to change a fuse or if it is an internal problem that can be solved here. Or that someone has had the same problem and can help me!

It is a European 220V model, I don’t know if there is any difference between this and the US model, looking for information, I only found another person who happens exactly the same, but there are many people who had problems with the heater and in many cases it was a problem with a fuse.

Sorry to hear that. I know Support doesn’t really offer any out of warranty repairs, so if you’re unable to get it fixed yourself or at a local electronics shop, you may be out of luck. (I would still see if there’s something you can do on eBay to dispute the sale). The seller almost certainly knew of the issue.
Was there any response from the seller?

You should contact support (use the link above) - either call or e-mail them to see if there’s anything they can suggest to get the unit working properly.

Best of luck!!!