Heating element out

Third time using my new baby and now the heating element seems to have stopped working all together.
Less than 2 hours total cooking time. Disappointing to say the least. All the way to Norway for less than 2 hours of functionality.
Now I guess I need to send it back and eat the postage. One unhappy customer!

Hi @rodger22, thank you for your message, we’re so sorry you’re unit is having issues. Have you tried replacing the fuse? There is a spare fuse in the plug that should fix the heating element so you can get back to your sous vide cooking ASAP! Please let me know if this helps.

I have a 220v unit. I do not see an extra fuse anywhere and I also do not see where to replace a fuse. Can you point to either?

Also, I do have power on the unit, just no heating.

@rodger22 The extra fuse is actually in the plug, located under the part where the power cord plugs into the wall. Slide, not pop, the fuse holder out - the fuse is in there as well as a replacement. Remove the blown one and insert the new one.

Thanks for the help… Although I cannot seem to find anything on the end of the plug that slides out. This is a 220v unit and I have attached a picture of the end of the plug.

Hi @Rodger22, could you also check in here:

The extra fuse should be located in the area marked #4. If it is not, then we may need to send you a new unit.


First I think you are showing a picture of the One not the Precision that I have.
Second I send a return request 8 days ago without a response from Anova.
Your website says that I will be contacted within 48 hours…
Why not just get another one on the way to me and I will send this one back?
I am soon out of patience…

@rodger22 We’re truly sorry for the wait time, our team is working through returns and replacements and is processing yours as well. I’ve sent your information over so we can get this resolved as soon as possible. We will follow up with you through your support ticket shortly in order to get your unit replaced. Thank you!

New unit arrives in a few days. Thank you for the help.
Hopefully I don’t end up paying import taxes twice. :smiley:

@rodger22 Thanks for the update, that’s great to hear!! Please feel free to send me a message if this does occur (it shouldn’t) and I’ll look into it. Can’t wait to get you back up and running on your sous vide machine!