High temp error & shutdown

I’ve used my Precision Cooker 6 times and it worked perfectly. However, today I was using it and the temperature on the display all of a sudden went from about 170 to 418 degrees and it shut itself down. I had just finished cooking carrots at 193f for 20 minutes and then changed the temp to 154 to cook some fruit. When the temp was down around 170 boom! 418 or so degrees on the display and it shut off. The water was NOT 418 degrees.

I unplugged it, emptied the water, and took the metal sleeve off to clean it. I noticed a small circle of what looked like rust on the temperature probe. I cleaned it off, and now it is working normally. Anyone had this happen?

Hi @normstar‌, if this is still happening you can submit a return directly here:


I just had this exact same problem happen to me. Cooked 2 things before without a problem and then on the 3rd I got a high temperature error of 215.6 Celsius. Not pleased after waiting for the latest and greatest only to be supremely disappointed. Especially pissed since I was in the middle of cooking New Year’s Eve dinner for friends.