How can I contact a senior support member?

I have had a wild ride with this terrible company, that’s for sure. I’ve reached the end of my tether now.

I purchased over £1,000 worth of items on the 1st of May, after confirming that the delivery time was 1 - 3 business days. After a week, I contacted “Kristofer” to be told that it hasn’t been 3 business days because there was a 1 day bank holiday in the UK…fine, whatever, your math is off but I’ll let it slide.

Kristofer told me he had “contacted the warehouse”, and I should wait for a reply…wait, I did. After 10 days I’m getting a little frustrated, so I started contacting every day. Good ol’ Kristofer, told me 3 more times that he has contacted the warehouse and is waiting for a response. This was my daily discussion with Anova.

After 16 days, I FINALLY got a different support agent and this person apologised and told me that my order would be delivered on the 16th! Unfortunately, I had gotten this response at 6pm on the 16th, so it’s likely not going to be delivered.

I asked the next day for a tracking link - no reply. I ask on the 18th for a tracking link to be told by someone else that my order is being processed and is not yet ready for delivery. On the 21st of May, I contacted again for another response, to be told my order has been cancelled and they’re sorry for the inconvenience. I was told I need to wait until “the warehouse” (does the warehouse even exist at this stage?) contact me and tell me why my order was cancelled.

I complained once more and on the 23rd of May, another lady contacted me who I hadn’t seen yet - luckily she’s figured out the issue! She tells me that the Vacuum sealing pouches I ordered are backordered until June.

Excellent, I don’t need those pouches just yet, lets get my oven delivered, Shiela!

Shiela pulls through, she tells me that she marched in to the imaginary warehouse and DEMANDS they do the logical thing and simply split my shipment so I can get my deliveries, minus the pouches which don’t cost much. Shiela tells me everything, bar the pouches, are expected to be delivered on the 25th.

Shiela, you legend…or so I thought.

Huzzah! I get an email from the shipping company, my order is on its way for delivery on the 25th, can you believe it?

The 25th comes around, the shipping company informs me that my order has been delivered. I’m excited.

I run to get the package, only to be greeted with a small box that does not look like it contains a Vacuum sealer, the chamber or the Oven. Bummer.

Obviously, I’m slightly annoyed by this so I get back on the blower to Shiela - Shiela no longer responds to me it would seem, and neither does anyone at Anova.

All I want, is a clear and concise explanation as to where my goods are and when they’re being delivered. I don’t want to ask for a refund because I actually want the damn oven.

Does anyone have any suggestions on how I contact someone that is able to help me? Clearly there is an internal breakdown where “computer says no” and that’s the end of it. I have 25 individual days worth of screenshots and contacts with these people and I am still no closer to an answer.