How long to cook 5 pork chops

How long should I cook 5 pork chops at the recommended 140F in order to have done medium rare?

Are they stacked or bagged flat separate from each other? How thick are they?

Bagged flat and about 3/4” thick.

Bagged flat, all in one bag.

I can rebag them if better.

You should be good to go after any hour. I wouldn’t go moor than 2 and a half hours

Thank you Brian!

As long as the items don’t overlap in the bag you can treat multiple items the same as a single when looking at time.

What cut of chop are they? Neck chops will need longer than loin chops. But for loin chops, 2 hours will suffice. Any low work muscle needs little more than bringing up to temperature. 2 hours tends to be a favoured time for most naturally tender meats that would be served as a steak or chop depending on thickness.

At only 3/4 inch thickness you will need to be very quick when you sear them after cooking. Make sure you dry them very well and give them no more than 30-45 seconds per side in the pan.