How to clean the main unit?

My precision cooker starts to get sticky. The rubber or silicone coating is getting hard to clean. ANy ideas?

Hey @aldo18! do you mean the upper part of your unit is getting sticky?

Yes. The kinda rubberized part of the material. kinda tacky it happens to most rubber materials when exposed to heat. I tried to clean it with a moist towel the stickiness wont go away. I’ve found a solution tho not sure how long itll last; i rubbed it with a litltle bit of hand lotion seems to work great at the moment.

Well if you guys have a better solution id love to hear it.

Hi @aldo18, so sorry that has been happening, I actually haven’t personally heard of a case of this happening. But I will let you know if I hear of any solutions, let me know how the lotion works in the long term :slight_smile: