How to get line breaks and bold text in forum posts

Plain Text

Bold Text

Big Red Text

So how did I do that? Using what are called HTML tags. Don’t panic, it’s easy once you’ve had some pactice.

Line breaks and paragraph breaks (hard returns/carriage returns)

Simply type this code where you want the next line to start, and type it twice if you want a gap between paragraphs.

It can be easier to type your whole post first and then go through copying and pasting the code in place where you want line breaks and paragraph breaks.

Bold text

It’s actually very meta, I’m using all these techniques to write this post!
But for bold text, surround the text you want to be bold with these tags:

Don’t forget, once you open a tag you must close it, or everything else after the open tag will have the tag’s attributes.
You close a tag by adding a backslash as shown above.

Now you know this, it should be easy to work out from the screenshot how to adjust font size and colour.

Please, use these tags responsibly! This isn’t AOL or geocities!

Woohoo! Thanks for this, @Simon_C !! :-bd =; :-bd =; :-bd =;

@jordon Shouldn’t all of this come with the comment text editor? I thought earlier versions after the revamp had controls for text formatting.

In the meantime; @Simon_C thanks for the reminder to use these tags. It greatly improves the look especially with longer posts.

Good tutorial! On a related note, @jordan, can you send a recommendation to the web site developers to also support MarkDown here in the forums? It’s a whole lot easier than typing in HTML tags. Yes, there are text editors but each of the ones we've tried out have either broken some other element of the site or caused an issue with adding comments. I'll work on this today and try to find one that works without breaking another features.

On the bright side, permissions for profile photos and signature settings are fixed! I tested this out on a member account through a few browsers and was able to make all edits. If you're still experiencing issues, please shoot me a note.

I re-tried a few editors and looked into a few other ones and ended up going with a WYSIWYG Editor since it was the only one that worked with an easy image uploader. I had to change the image uploader from the “Attach File” below the comment section to an additional uploading option accessible through the image icon in the toolbar. Let me know what you think, we can go back to the previous one if needed.


I think this one will be easier for everyone.