I am SO confused!

Received my Anova today. Setup was fine. Decided to make glazed carrots. Set it for 183 degrees for one hour. When it reached 149° it began the cooking countdown. I stopped and restarted it. Fine. When it then reached 182.9° it began the cooking process again. But about 1/2 hour later, it reached 183° and started the timing process all over again. What is going on?? Thanks!

So it was the countdown/timer that was acting up? Was this problem from the app?

The machine and the app showed the same thing (though the machine doesn’t show the preheat time, of course).

Oh that’s really weird. Can you hit us up at support@anovaculinary.com so we can troubleshoot further for you?

Will do. Meanwhile, I’m now doing some chicken thighs and it seems to be working perfectly. Will try a few other things before I contact support. Perhaps it was just an initial calibration issue. We’ll see. Thanks!

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