Ice bath notification turn off by itself

Ice bath notification turning off by itself right after the Success Message is displayed.

Is this normal? The bath temp is well below 40. And yes I have the WIFI model

I’m also having this issue and am not finding any posts where Anova support has been addressing it, can someone please advise? I’m running iOS, I set up the ice bath, turn on the ice bath notification toggle, it says success and then 10 seconds later the toggle turns itself off and it doesn’t appear to be checking the bath temp (indicator below on the app goes from white back to green).

I’m trying my first ice-bath today and just watched the app turn off the notification. I thought it was possible that the “set temp” was set to 32 degrees and the actual temp was 33.9 degrees, but I was able to adjust the “set temp” to 40 degrees and it still turned off. As best I can figure, there’s a bug in the Ice Bath Notification feature that effectively renders it unusable, and since @Dobemason reported this in November 2018, I suspect it’s low on Anova’s priorities to fix it.

We used to have a forum moderator - Alyssa - who could at least give us an idea of what to expect regarding things like this. She no longer appears to be employed at Anova and to be honest Anova not having a moderator for this forum is something about which I’m starting to feel concerned.

M. thanks for filling in for Alyssa. You are doing a great job.

FYI, there’s much more posting action taking place over at Anova’s Facebook spot with much of it being of a self congratulatory nature, more like a SV Snap Chat than a SV Twitter. It gets more editorial input and prossible action from Anova people and none of the misdirected Complaint Department contributions seen here.

Anova clearly needs to replace the Support heading here with Complaint Department

I logged a support issue yesterday after posting here, through the support links on the Anova website. I had a reply within hours from someone, with the simple recommendation to sign-out from the app and sign back in. Doing so, I inadvertently removed the connection to my WiFi cooker, so I couldn’t test whether that resolved the issue until I got home last night. It does appear that, after signing back in and adding my cooker, the ice-bath functionality worked as expected, though I wasn’t able to test over a long period because by the time I got home I needed to start the cook. All this to say that my experience with Anova’s official support process was a nice surprise. I had a response that appears to have solved my problem within 90 minutes.