Ice Bath Option in Wifi App

Hi, there used to be an ice bath option where the app will warm you on when the water gets to the point where the meat isn’t safe without cooking it.

I can’t find it in the app any longer. And can’t find the instructions either.

What happened to that option?


Hi @vansous, we unfortunately don’t have that option anymore. We are thinking about bringing it back, but are focusing integrating recipes to app. But, I will pass on the feedback to the app team!

Thank you for the response.

There’s nowhere in your documentation that says this feature is removed and that you’re working on bringing it back. I have used this feature several times when leaving food in an ice bath ready to be cooked later. Several online reviews reference this feature and as a product owner, not having a place to tell me a feature that I once had, has been removed is an oversight by your product management team.

This is on CNET published six months ago -

This is a CNET video from the same time -

Both explicitly call out this feature as a differentiator.

The Mellow product can now cool food down to refrigeration temperature providing a more sophisticated capability. I don’t really want to invest in their tech if I can do the same with the Anova WiFi which I expected to when I bought it.


I echo vansous’s comments. I JUST bought an Anova WiFt+Bluetooth mostly because of this feature. The appeal was setting up a meal in the morning, have it kick on during the work day, then be ready when I arrive home. I am VERY disappointed to learn this feature was removed. Please bring it back.

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Thanks for the quick reply!

Echoing both of the responses from above. Removing a differentiating feature from your product in favor of recipes (something that’s READILY found all over the internet) seems to be a total mix up in priorities. Even worse, I’ve used this feature before, assumed it was still available, and am now at work… with food on my counter at home…

Furthermore, you should notify all the review websites that resoundingly recommend your cooker that this feature is no longer available. For starters, and CNET would probably be very interested to know.

I’d be curious to know why it was removed. Would you be willing to share?

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I recently got the wifi model, for this feature. I would also be very interested why this was removed and what the timeline is to add it back. I was very dissapointed to discover it missing.


I bought the wifi model specifically after reading about this feature. Please bring it back! I don’t want to return my device but this was a major selling point for me


My wifi version from amazon is literally out for delivery as I’m typing this message. This feature is the reason I paid the extra $50 for this version over the bluetooth one. This feature is still listed on your amazon sale page.

Relax, your food’s safe with Anova - if water temperature rises above 40 before your scheduled cook time, Auto-Cook will trigger your cook to keep it safe.

I’m extremely disappointed that this feature has gone from being listed in reviews and on your storefront as a key reason to pay for the more expensive version and has been silently stripped out. I’ll be reaching out to amazon to see if I can get a refund.


Are you still able to monitor the temp though? Or only if the circulator is on?

This is very disappointing. I had a blue tooth device and upgraded to the wifi for this specific reason. If you are not going to bring it back I will likely return it as well. I need the ice bath option.

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You can monitor the temperature by opening the app and checking. But I didn’t buy the Anova so I can check the app every 20mins, but rather have a notification pushed to me when the temperature reaches 4 degrees C; and the option to start cooking.

I don’t want a workaround.

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I actually didn’t know this WAS a feature but holy CRAP would that make my life easier. I want this so much. It would make it possible for me to cook way more things and use my Anova literally every day rather than just on certain days. I love my Anova. I use it very often. I have used a recipe found in the app exactly one time–when making boiled eggs–and would much prefer a separate recipe app and this feature.

Please streamline the app and bring back this feature. I want the icebath option and I want it now. It would genuinely fix the single largest problem with making dinner for my household.

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@HunterC is Anova refunding all users who bought the wifi version on the basis of being able to utilize the ice bath option? In my opinion, that is the only reason to upgrade to the wifi option. That’s like a Apple taking out the internet/wifi/data feature on the Iphone yet still talking about how great their upgrades are.

Hi @vansous, in response to those articles, at the time they were published, the feature was available, but the articles have not been updated. and yes, you can still monitor the temperature from you app currently.

To @Thoenix @prehder @MarkFugs @nmh5028 @CCFJ40 @randall13 @warrenshroyer, it is something we are definitley bringing back, we are just working on making it as accurate as possible, because when dealing with food safety we want to make sure there are no bugs before we release.

@sweez1230, we will not be offering refunds, as we have never said that the icebath function was available after we removed it. But don’t worry we are listening to this feedback and bringing it back. It will be coming soon :slight_smile:

(Also sorry for the late reply I have been at CES since Wednesday, and just got back this morning)

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Add me as another person who bought the device for this feature. I just tried out my first remote cook today and unfortunately forgot to check the app myself until 5:30pm, and my bath was already too warm to start the cooking safely. I was looking at my phone for various purposes all day and would not have to throw away my meal tonight.

I don’t understand the safety comment – given that the app already has the current temperature, it is very simple to remind the user to check when it hits a certain temperature. If there is a concern about the app not having an accurate temperature, should I be worried about checking it manually to determine when to start my cook?

Thank you for the reply. Glad to know the feature is coming back soon. Rather have it work safely than get food poisoning… Even without that feature, i’m loving everything I’ve made with it so far!

I just ordered the Wifi version this morning after reading about the Ice Bath option from the CNET review. It is the reason I went with the Wifi version and why I chose your company over the competitors.

I was shocked to read here the feature was actually removed, and nearly canceled the order.
However I’m glad to see you say it will be coming back soon.

I only have a 45 day window to return so hopefully it comes back before then or else I have to return it.

As far as I am aware the ice bath function has never been available for android. Is there plans to bring it to android as well?

Please restore that functionality, as you can see you’re creating upset customers, bad opinions travel much faster than good ones.

It is on the roadmap to be re-integrated. It should also be on the the next big update of the Android app. We know you all want it, and are working hard to implement it :slight_smile: