Insufficient water warning despite sufficient water?

Hi everyone,

I’ve had my anova for about 6 months now and I’m loving it. Last night, i was cooking some flan in some jars at 179F when my anova gave some beeps like it was done despite only being 40 minutes into the cook. I pressed the start button on the display and it started giving out this long, constant beep. Upon checking my phone, it had a warning the water level was too low.

I unplugged the device, then plugged it back in but the same thing happened when I pressed the start button. After letting it rest over night, i decided to try again this morning and lo and behold, it looked like it was working. It got up to 179F and again, about 40 or so minutes in, the long beeping sound came back and I’m in the same situation as last night.

Does anyone have any ideas how to fix this? I’ve emailed Anova support and haven’t gotten a reply from them.

Anyone with any suggestions?

Heyyy @cmls! I can’t tell you what exactly is going on with your cooker - but support can troubleshoot and find out the nitty gritty. What is your ticket number with customer support?

I had exact same problem with my Anova. Support came back with some suggestions. They said to clean the heating heating element, probe and impeller of calcium buildup. They also suggested to give the device a complete drying and resting (24 hours) and to try turning on and starting the Anova machine when it is out of the water bath, forcing an error to alarm. Then I was to put the device back into a pot of water and try setting the temp again. This was somehow to reset the error.

Alas it did not :frowning:
More, it seemed to have killed the device entirely (the last bit, with switching it on dry, forcing the error - after that I can’t turn it on at all. It’s dead).

What’s worse, Anova refused to help any further, because my device is not under warranty anymore. Admittedly yes, it isn’t, as I bought it in May last year, however it was only used a handful of times when I first bought it and then it spent months unused in a cupboard. You would think a device such as this is built to take way more usage before giving up the ghost, but clearly not. Shame that Anova was not willing to be more helpful… I feel truly let down. And I will definitely not be buying again!