IP or MAC address

How do I view this? I couldn’t find anywhere in the app, and obviously the screen doesn’t have an option to display it. There also doesn’t seem to be a sticker on the device anywhere that shows it. Super annoying.

I’m taking an inventory of everything on my network (~150 devices). I have identified almost everything except for a handful, and this oven is one of them. Does anyone know the MAC address of their APO? If so, can you post the first 3 octets of it so I can identify which device may have that?

That’s a guess as it’s the only Linux service I have - see if you have one similar

Using https://www.advanced-ip-scanner.com/


Process of elimination - If you power it down so it drops off the network and compare the lists of the unknown MAC addresses it should be easy enough to find

Ok, so I figured it out. My MAC address for the oven starts with 10:52:1c. My Unifi UDM was misidentifying it as a LIFX bulb. I have LIFX bulbs, so I didn’t bother to inspect.

What I did was turn on notifications for client connectivity changes, unplugged the oven, and then plugged it back in. When it came back up, I started a ping to it and unplugged it to verify that it was the correct device. It’s super annoying that the MAC addr isn’t on a sticker on the oven, or that it doesn’t at least have mDNS that could be picked up.

@palo , as for your device identified as linux… Sometimes Amazon Echos show up as linux servers. I’d be interested to see if you have any MAC addresses listed on your network that start with what I have posted above.

Upon further inspection, it appears that the oven is likely using an ESP8266 wifi system on a chip with the lwIP stack. Just thought that was interesting. I’ve used them before for PID controllers, which this oven is clearly doing to keep the temp constant instead of big swings like a normal oven. Anyway, there is an mdns library for the esp8266. It probably would be easy to have it broadcast its name as apo.local or something like that to make discovery easier (the developers would have to do this).

I have a lot of devices, and I want to know what each one is, and what it’s talking with.

Mine is 08:3a:f2:14:9f:78

I got it from my router if that helps.

Both of mine start with 08:3a:f2

Mine begins with ac:67:b2, shows as “Espressif, Inc.” on some scans.


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