iPhone 6S connectivity issues

If you are reading this and have had success connecting the Anova WiFi to an iPhone 6S - can you please respond?  Both myself and a friend bought Anova WiFi PC’s and we are both having issues with our iPhone 6S and connectivity.  We both work for high-tech companies in the Bay Area and are both ‘gadget guys.’   Been trying on and off for two weeks and sometimes get a connection but then have to restart the entire process.  I have talked to tech support and their perspective is that somehow the problem is mine - I’m pretty sure there is an issue with the Anova WiFi software.  The tech support guy on this site seem to be pretty rude to his customers which I don’t understand - we are all just trying to get the thing to do what you claim.  

Can you describe the exact point of failure and the steps you’ve taken with regards to troubleshooting? As well as router type please.

You can PM me all this info or let me know what ticket # you have via our support if you’d like. I’ll take a deeper look that way.


Thanks for the note, Bill.  Are you saying that you have an iPhone 6S that works with the Precision Cooker?  If yes please let me know and I will persist!  I have yet to find someone who has gotten that to work.  I closed the ticket with your technical support team because the app started to work.  But then that same evening it stopped working and I haven't reopened the ticket.

The basic problem that I have is one that has been reported by other users on several sites.  The app connects to the PC via Bluetooth, then asks for the WiFi password.  I enter the password and it connects... then it says the Bluetooth connection is lost and pairs again... then it asks for the Wifi password again, then it says the Bluetooth is lost...  ad infinitum.  Only once did the loop seems to randomly stop and the app temporarily worked.  This happened when I shielded the phone with a metal shield in an attempt to solve what I thought was a timing issue.

My router is an Apple Airport Time Capsule.  At last count I have 28 devices successfully connected to this router and no issues with any of them.


Re: iPhone 6S Success - Yes, we’ve seen (and tested) 6S on the device and it connected successfully.

The issue is that the basic problem you’re having could potentially be a myriad of issues. 
Can you do a weird test for me?

Try borrowing a friend or family’s phone, create a WI-FI hotspot on it, then connect YOUR phone (6S) to the Hotspot. From there, try to connect to your WIFI Precision Cooker.

If successful, this’ll eliminate potential radio issues with the device in terms of finding out the exact issue.
From there, we can dig into your router settings as well.

Thanks Bill - that’s great news that it does work with the iPhone 6S - now I just need to figure out how to get mine to work.  I don’t think your test sounds weird at all - I totally understand the concept of eliminating issues.  My wife’s phone cna be configured as a hot spot so I will try that when I get home tonight and report back.