'is' temperature stuck at 206.7°C

Just happened, the temperature display is stuck at 206.7°C. Set temp is 43°C. It’s not heating at all. Pump is working. No matter what I set it’s 206.7

What does that mean? Less than 10 times used. Really disappointed.

Looks like you have a lemon. :frowning: Please email us at support@anovaculinary.com so we can switch that out for you.

I plugged it in and out a few times. Sometimes I got different readings, once I got -10°C

But eventually one time it worked again. So for now it was fine.

I wonder, is there a reset function? Or, how long the electronics need to reset?

Bad again today. Unplugged like 50 times now. Today it’s either 206.7 or -26.0

What is the next step? Any repair instruction?

Hi @eat!

I’ve never had a problem with my unit, but from what I’ve seen posted in these forums the Anova support team is extremely responsive! @AlyssaWOAH repeated the contact info for support just the other day…

Per her comment:
“Here’s how to reach out to support if you face any issues with any of your cookers. We’ll help.:
support@anovaculinary.com or (855) 421-8282.”

I’m sure they can give you a hand! Good luck!

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