Issues with Anova Wifi - thermometer readout

Hello - I’ve had great luck with my Anova Wifi-Bluetooth for 8 or 9 months now, but it’s suddenly behaving badly. The readout thermometer, specifically.

Cooking a dish with a 175.0 deg F setting, I checked on the machine after 3 or 4 hours to find the temperature readout at negative 13.0 deg F.

(A quick check with a digital thermometer on hand showed that the water was, in fact, close to 175 deg.)

So I stopped it, unplugged it, waited a moment, and started it back up again, set to 175 deg.

The temperature readout? 32.0 deg F.

And there the readout stayed, sitting at 32.0 deg F, for many minutes, while hot water circulated around my food.

I unplugged it again, this time holding the start button down to perform a reset - no luck. Still sitting at 32.0 deg F.

Now, weirdly, after letting it run for a good 20 minutes, the thermometer began to function again, and slowly crept up towards the 175 mark.

Obviously, I’m concerned. Warranty should be good until May. Thoughts?

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It sounds like your unit’s electronics are getting overheated. You need to be very conscious of where the steam is going when you’re cooking with your Anova. The vents at the back of the “head” of the unit where the electronics are, just above the exhaust vent a few inches below (not the greatest design that way).
If you position your Anova so the vents are positioned away from the steam, or ensure that your vessels have lids and the area around the Anova is well sealed, so there’s no steam escape around the unit, then this shouldn’t happen.

It’s also possible that your unit could be malfunctioning beyond this scenario, but try to be conscious of this and see if it solves your problem. If it doesn’t, then I’d kick off a discussion with support and pursue getting a warranty replacement.


Fischersd, thanks for the response! (And apologies I didn’t get back here, sooner.)

That’s actually a great theory. Historically, while doing higher-temp work for longer periods (say, 180F+, for a 24 or more hours), I’ve kept the vessel covered just to reduce evaporation.

With this particular project, I didn’t; it was a 7 hour run at a slightly lower temp, so I let it ride. It still amounted to a lot of hot steam running a good long while. There might have been some getting into wrong places and wreaking havoc.

I’ve done a smaller, cooler project since, and had no issues - but I’ll definitely keep your suggestions in mind. Really great thinking.

Thank you!

mine is currently doing the same thing…32 degrees.

My unit started the same last week. -32. Was under 1 year old. Tech support from Anova was great. After a polite discussion, I received a UPS print out and shipped it back. I had a new unit in my hands 1 week later. 10 stars for customer support!!