kitchenware selection advice

I am recently renovating my new home, but I encountered some problems in the kitchen design area. When choosing kitchenware, all kinds of kitchenware have made me wonder how to choose?
I hope you can give me some suggestions.
I hope to buy some cost-effective products. It is environmentally friendly, harmless, and has a long service life. Induction cooker, steamer, wok, etc. need to buy new ones. If you can give me some suggestions, I would be very grateful.

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Cheap carbon steel Wok Doubles as steamer with gas burner.
I’ve had mine for years

This forum is specifically for Anova sous vide products and cooking. You may get better results with Google or a more general forum.

Shirley, welcome, and please follow on below.

Shirley, the tools and equipment you select will be a reflection of your style of cooking and the number of people you typically serve which equates to capacity or size. Buy according to your needs and buy the best quality you can afford. Avoid single-purpose tools and equipment unless you will frequently use them.

I redeveloped my kitchen almost 10 years ago. Of my equipment choices i am most satisfied with the induction cooktop, versatile combi-oven (steam assisted), ample over-counter and work area lighting, plus a large floor to ceiling pantry with 3’ wide roll out shelves spaced according to various item heights. (Too many kitchens store air ) I favour a cooktop over a range in order to have pot and pan storage beneath. I also consider a warming drawer (oven) to be an essential. If i had the space i would have 2.

Although i cooked professionally using gas i would not have it in my home in this century. Most domestic exhaust equipment is insufficient for heavy gas use. Besides, induction cooking is far superior and some day soon i will be able to generate my own energy, but that’s for another post. I have a friend who hasn’t had to pay an electricity bill since 2004.

Most under counter storage has pull out shelves for parking heavy items like the stand mixer resulting in clutter-free countertops.

Everyone i know who has used Ikea kitchen fixtures has been immensely satisfied and saved a minimum of $10k over a comparable contractor’s price. However, they all tend to have a handy do-it-yourself bias. If you are uncertain about how to use a level and an electric drill you are not in that class. Otherwise, i’d consider DiY and put the money you save towards better equipment quality or a memorable vacation.

When laying out your kitchen plan first consider frequency of use. Consolidate what you use most frequently in your cooking triangle bounded by sink, refrigerator, and cooktop. Example: my pantry is adjacent to cooktop, refrigerator, and work counter, all just a step or two away.

At your service Shirley.
Regrets John.

Do well and be safe.