"Latest Comments" in Recipes

Am I the only one who finds the “Latest Comments” in a recipe to be useless? I have never seen any comments, and I don’t seem to have the ability to add a comment. Am I missing something?

Do you mean the “Latest Comments?” That’s usually what showed to me first, but then I can filter Oldest/Newest/Top.

Sometimes it takes the comments a few seconds to load, especially if there are a bunch of them. I’d give it a second to see if it populates anything. There are some unpopular recipes that don’t have any reviews, though. Was there a specific one you were looking at?

The “Latest Comments” section is always empty. There is nothing to filter.

Reviews? I can’t seem to see reviews. All I can see is the Star rating and count.

Woops, I meant comments, not reviews.

Just to confirm, are you talking about our recipes site? https://recipes.anovaculinary.com/

Is there a recipe that you know of with comments? I’d like to see if they’re visible to me.

That’s the place.

This one has 20 comments:

All I See is “Latest Comments”

:tired_face: And you waited a few seconds and nothing populated? What browser are you using?

I waited.
Firefox and Explorer.

Hmm it’s working for me for at least FireFox. Let me file a bug with the team so they can further investigate.

Thanks! I’m leaving work now. I’ll give it a try at home on Chrome.

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OK! It works from home. Mozilla, Firefox, and Chrome. Must be firewall issues at work. Thanks for helping me figure this out!

Oh okay! Yesss glad it’s working for you at home!

I think I figured it out. The comments are Facebook.:-1: Facebook is blocked at work. Why are you using Facebook? You seem to have a perfectly good forum here that works. And it uses the same log in.

Yeahhh the widget we use for the recipes site allows users to comment with their Facebook account. The forum and the recipes site are hosted on two different platforms, that’s why we’re able to freely comment here under our accounts, without a needing a Facebook account (but you can if that’s what you choose). I will talk to our product manager about this particular feature.