Location of paired device?

Been tryIng to get my cooker to work for the last hour. After pairing a few times I left my phone next to the cooker. Low and behold it started to work.
Is this typical?
Do I always have to pair a device?
Thanx, Sue

Welcome @Suezan124

Yes, certainly one must pair a BT device initially. Perhaps subsequentially occasionally, but those details are hidden in the depths of the BT protocol.

One must also connect to your WiFi router to use it, much like pairing BT.

Well that isn’t very practical. Thanx for the quick reply!:joy_cat:

it is possible that your stove only requires connection to a Bluetooth device the first time it is set up. If you have already connected your stove to your phone or other Bluetooth device, you can use it without an additional connection. However, if your device is reset or if your Bluetooth settings have been changed, you may need to re-pair it. Also, you must connect the stove to a Wi-Fi router in order to fully use the functions of the stove.