Lost ablitiy to heat. Should i replace it?

So I tried my Anova  out again tonight. Decided to try some thing cheap this time, beats. I set the unit on 182, it heated the water in about 15-20 minutes. Then about 30 minutes into the cook, I notice he temp was down to 140. Now it is dropping steadily, the circulator is still running but not heating. I rebooted the unit and reset the temp, it is still dropping the temp indent heating, but it is circulating. 

I lost a leg of lamb in an overnight cook last week, thought it was something I did, when I went to bed it was humming along at 132, when I got up in the morning it was running at 98, the target set temp was still 132. I tossed the lamb as I had garlic in the bag sitting at about 100 degrees fro I don’t know how long and did not want to kill my family.

So far I am not too impressed with the unit. Not sure I want to replace the unit to only get another bad one, it feels like this unit is poorly designed as I see many folks having similar issues with units breaking. It appears anova replaces the bad units, but does that fix the underlying issue? Did they find something wrong with the design and change it? or do run the risk of failed cooks with the replaced unit. 

I don’t really want to replace the unit if the new one does not have an improved design that fixes the main issue, what ever that a is.

Some units can have trouble cooking at higher temperatures due to the steam given off the water surface collecting inside them. Does your water bath have a lid? I’ve gone all out and made a silicone ‘skirt’ for mine, but many people report success with aluminium foil or cling film. This usually completely cures the problem. Please give it a go and let us know how you get on.

I was not using a skirt with this cook as it was a short one. For the longer overnight cook, at 132 , I used cling wrap to seal the bath. I have let the unit sit overnight to cool, and dry, and it still will not heat water this morning. The unit does get really hot up top in the area just above the holder ring. Hot enough I don’t want to hold it there when I lift it out. I think I have some kind of electrical failure.

Both of mine have worked perfectly and I have done several 48 and 72 hour cooks.

I would contact customer service. I don’t think you will get a large enough sample size to make the poll significant.

Well, I am going to try a replacement, wish me luck

Good luck :slight_smile: