Loudness level of Anova Precision?

Considering the fact that some sous vide meals can take a long time to cook, I am concerned about the noise factor of the Anova Precision while it’s working.

Can someone please tell me what the loudness level of the device is in dBa?

I know a water bath device would be completely quiet, but they also cost much more. Thanks.

It is extremely quiet when operating.

I won’t be home until late tonight. I will try and measure it Friday evening for you.

for me its loudest when it’s trying to get up to temperature, but once it’s there it is very quiet. 

I can barley hear mine even when I am in the same room. It’s very quiet.

Apparently, few of us have a decibel meter, and neither do I.  That said, I have two APC’s and frequently use both of them at the same time for two dishes at different temperatures.   The combined noise is slightly more than my dishwashers which are rated in the low 40’s dBa, and much, much quieter than running water in the sink.  When entertaining, I can easily talk at normal levels right next to the two machines without difficulty.   Although the kitchen is about 20 feet from the master bedroom, I do not hear the APC at all on extended 2-3 days cooks.   Not a measurement like you wanted, but at least a comparison you can make.

I promise I will get my meter and check it.

Thanks Salisbury_Sam. 

John did you ever get your meter to check it?

I couldn’t find my meter last time I looked. It was not where it should have been and I got distracted and started playing records and abandoned the search. I will write myself a reminder and look again. I last used it to check listening levels on my stereo.

Maybe I have the world’s loudest refrigerator but I’m sitting here about 10 feet (give or take 3m) away from the Anova WiFi and I’m struggling to hear it over the fridge.  It sounds like a computer fan at a higher pitch, a higher-pitched whooshing noise at best.  I’d love to give you a db reading but I don’t have a professional device that is even close to accurate, and I’m pretty sure the noise of the 'fridge will overwhelm it regardless.

Seriously it’s shockingly silent and that’s amazing because I don’t feel like I have a science experiment running in the house.

However loud you are worried about it being’ it’s probably not even half that loud. It’s a soft whir and you won’t hear it at all a few feet away.