Major thermometer problems

A few weeks ago my Precision Cooker 220 V started playing up after a year of frequent and faithful service.  It starts pre-heating OK, but at some point the display of the current temperature stops recording and the unit keeps heating until it hits almost boiling point and starts beeping furiously.  

Yesterday I set it to 65.5C and it started heating up OK.  When it got to 46C the current temp display stayed at 46C but the water kept heating all the way up to 98C.  Luckily this time I was waiting for it to finish pre-heating before I put the food in; previously I’ve dropped the food in early and it boiled an expensive piece of lamb.

And, of course, it’s just out of warranty.  Any suggestions?

Sorry, but I think it highly likely that your unit is defective.  If you’re close to the year marker, maybe talk to customer service and see if they won’t cut you some slack - maybe they can get you a really good deal on a new unit?

Honestly, at this point, it’s sounding like something in the circuitry has gone awry.  Sorry for your luck! :( 

@Kingsvilletess  -  Yikes! So sorry to hear this, shoot us a note at and we’ll get ya taken care of.

I had the same problem with mine also… luckily for me it happened in the first 2 weeks of owning both of them… I started with a bluetooth version first, within the first week, it did exactly what yours did… The customer service WAS so good, I returned this one on Amazon, which is super easy, and re-ordered the Wi-fi version directly from Anova… I received the second unit and enjoyed the Wifi feature and cooked with it almost daily for over a week. I went to use it in one morning to cook some eggs and the temperature went to the moon again, displaying the incorrect temperature. I unplugged it and plugged it back in, it then read that it was 32F when it was actually 182F, I unplugged it again and plugged it back in, it then read -32F… I contacted Anova again…Strike 2… customer service on unit #2 was not as good as previously experienced. Returning this unit to Anova is not as easy as Amazon… I was hoping to have a good experience with Anova, I like the design, the size and the wifi option… Unfortunately they cannot build a unit to work and last. I have purchased a Sansaire and have used it for almost a month now and have had no problems with it.


What was the outcome with Customer Service??  

My unit is having issues as well…I don’t think it’s been a year yet.

Did you email