Manual Usage Instructios?

Where do I find instructions on how to use my Anova (Bluetooth) manually without the phone app?

Try Support area of the Anova website.

There’s a blue twiddly wheel on the front. Rotate that up and down to set temperature. Press ‘play’ to start heating.

Here’s a few links you can check out!

Do I need an app to control the device?

Setting the timer/temperature

Thanks @AlyssaWOAH, was having a bit of trouble with navigation via phone. The extra Nav that has been added to the forum isn’t as readily available on phone.

Hmmm, mine looks pretty similar to desktop. Are you talking about the top (from desktop) where it says: all categories | Categories | Latest | New | Unread | Top?

For mobile, it appears as a drop-down. When we tried to implemented it across for mobile, things got a little messy and it didn’t look right.

Actually meant the Recipes, Main Site etc, navigation back to other portions of Anova website. They’re right at the bottom on mobile… I just felt like I was scrolling forever. Real estate is precious on those wee screens, even the new larger ones.(Are mobile phones today’s boom boxes? The only thing that grows when everything else is getting smaller.) :slight_smile: Still could do with better access and integration of the blog. There’s so much information there that gets wasted because it’s hard to retrieve.

@Ember Ooooh yeah I know what you mean. That wasn’t done for mobile (the navigation bar at bottom). I forgot exactly why, but I think it had something to do with things also not showing properly below. I know you’ve mentioned having more visibility of the blog here. I need to add that to my to-do list. Currently it’s at the bottom of the page, for desktop, and not on mobile. I’m curious to where you’d think it’ll be best implemented to the site?

Don’t know. I’ll think harder.

No worries! It’s something I should work on! :slight_smile:

It would be useful if the Blog posts were included in a search.Something that may not have been covered thoroughly in the forum may have some content coverage in the Blog. The Blog just feels to have been wasted at the moment. It gets shared to the FB group. An occasional blog entry gets our via email newsletter and that’s about it.

Just a thought, but it might be worthwhile for someone to go through the forum history, identify questions and posted answers, and then extract the data and create a web page on the Anova site that pretty much answers the basic questions that keep getting asked in a clean and concise manner.
One clean page detailing the core information about sous vide cooking could provide a “golden reference”. People in the forums that repeatedly find themselves answering the same questions (Hi Ember! :slight_smile: ) could then post a link to the page, maybe to a specific section of the page, that provides the desired information.
Could become very popular.

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