Missing Product - Vacuum seal bags with one-way degassing valve

I have a number of fermentation based projects that would work better (for me) with a vacuum bag rather than a fermentation jar with a degassing valve lid.

I prefer for some projects to ferment in a vacuum sealed bag, but always run the risk for a bag explosion from built up C02 if not monitored constantly .

I am in search of the next home fermentation aid

  1. A way to add a one-way degassing valve to a bag
  2. A supply of a bags in multiple sizes that have a pre-installed valves.
  3. For bonus points, reuse-able silicon bags that could go from freezer to sous vide.


  • I have searched high-and-low and have not found something on the market that works as both a vacuum sealable bag and has a degassing value. Who would have thought that no-one put these too things together.
  • The application goes beyond fermentation. Think storing your home roasted coffee in a low oxygen environment that allows for the off-gassing, etc

Come on Anova, I can feel it… you want to get us this.

We dig it! Passing it along to the team!

Shop Amazon for Sous Vide Vacuum Bags. Quite a number of assemblies come with various bag sizes pre-installed one-way valves AND replacement valves.

I have not found valves alone, I imagine as they would be so inexpensive individually with no profit margin. If one has access to a wholesale supplier then a zillion might cost $10