My new out of the box Anova's LCD is pitch black and faulty

Hi, i’m Lester, a cook from Singapore. Recently, over the weekend I ordered an Anova bluetooth precision cooker and when I received it, I tested it. However no matter the number of attempts, the display could not turn on. Only the circulator and bluetooth function is working. All I hear is just beeping sounds when I touch the touchscreen and when I scroll, it sometimes give me illegible figures. How do I go about arranging for a replacement?

Definitely defective. If you had attained it at a retailer, I’d say take it back for an exchange, but if you purchased it from Anova directly, then you should contact support - and they’ll get the ball rolling on getting you a replacement.


Thank you, I purchased it directly from them. I’ve emailed support, I hope they replied soon.

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@Lester They should be back to you in less than 24 hours and will help you with the whole process, so sorry you got a faulty unit!

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Thank you! The support team did get to me, i’m just waiting for them to issue me a new product now