"My Recipes" not working correctly

Can someone try something for me as My Recipes doesn’t seem to work correctly for me. I am already in contact with Anova Service, but they don’t seem to think it is a bug, but a problem with my device.

The problem I have is when I try and cook a My Recipe after turning on the device and connecting with my iPhone, the first time I try I can select a recipe, and then even get to the “start cooking” page, but then as soon as I press “Start Anova” it changes the time to 0 and makes the setpoint to whatever it was before. You can see it in the video here:

You can see the old setpoint was 45 degrees. When I get to the Start Cooking screen, it sets the setpoint to 53 and the time to 4 hours correctly, but as soon as I press “Start Anova” it resets the setpoint back to 43 and the time to --:–. It then even saves this time of 0 to the recipe…

Just wanted to see if this also happens to someone else. Thanks!

The previous link didn’t work… Anybody know how to attach a video or video link?

Here are pictures from the video in case the video doesn’t work…

Could someone in the community check and see if “My Recipes” work for them correctly or if it has the same behavior for them as me? I am just curious.